Smells Like PR Smelling Salt - Eraser

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Take a whiff, feel the rush, and unleash your inner demons with smelling salts by Smells Like PR! Designed for peak performance.


Extra strong ammonia inhalant - just a different approach
The unique packaging of the eraser allows better control over the product
Simply open the lid and let the desired amount of ammonia escape
The Eraser erases all signs of fear and self-doubt: For the perfect workout!

Smelling salt with extra-strong ammonia scent
In bottle with convenient pressure dispenser
Produced according to the highest quality standards
Suitable for all competitive sports, including weightlifting, powerlifting, martial arts, and ice hockey
Improves personal performance during training significantly

Mode Of Action

Particularly strong ammonia scent increases the respiratory rate
Faster heartbeat, improved blood circulation
Better oxygen supply to the muscles
Activation of the sympathetic nervous system
Adrenaline rush that provides more awareness and sharpened senses

Activation & Lifespan

Pre-activated, no activation required (50ml/20g-bottle)
Close immediately after use so that the gases do not escape
Lifespan of 3 to 4 months with proper usage
Preferably store at room temperature and keep away from the sun


Smelling salts are intended exclusively for brief moments of inhalation during workout
They should be used with caution and only in moderation
When used excessively, they can cause irritation and promote serious diseases

Ingredients According To Manufacturer

Sodium polyacrylate, ammonia water