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IronMind EGG: stunning grip and unmatched hand health

The IronMind EGG is your versatile training tool - whether for a gentle warm-up, active regeneration, stress relief, intense workouts or peak performance.

Thanks to its advanced 21st century polymer, it is gentle on the soft tissues of your hand while always maintaining its shape.

Choose from two densities: the more flexible green and the stiffer blue

With a length of approx. 10.16 cm and 18.42 cm around the widest part, the egg-shaped training tool is available in two variants:

The green EGG: is softer, has a greater dynamic range when squeezed and is particularly suitable for rehabilitation.

The blue EGG: feels firmer and more robust, with a balanced degree of flexibility.

The all-rounder for all challenges

  • perfect for warm-ups and cool-downs in combination with Captains of Crush grippers or IMTUGs
  • accelerates recovery between training sessions through active breaks
  • optimizes grip and provides python-like squeeze
  • can relieve stress throughout the day

Discover versatile applications that can enrich your workout routine and improve your overall well-being.