Ascended Labs Smelling Salt - Menthol Rush

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Unique smelling salt made for real athletes. It gives you that extra boost to get the most out of yourself. Make your workouts legendary. Suitable for powerlifters, weightlifters, bodybuilders, MMA fighters and other intense and competitive athletes.

Menthol Rush will blow up your nostrils. This smelling salt contains a mixture of menthol crystals and oils, so your nostrils will flare when you use it! It develops an ice-cold effect and makes your whole body quiver. The smelling salt will truly give you wings.

Strong fragrances that are not available on the market.
Large 100ML pot (allows more gas formation)

Intense Scent

Life span of at least 3 months
Unique menthol scent
Suitable for all competitive sports
Guaranteed performance increase!

Strong Performance Increase

With the smelling salt you will perform better during your workout. This is because the strong scent increases the adrenaline level in your body. When the adrenaline level in your body increases, your body switches to survival mode. This causes you to develop more strength during your workout. Also, increased adrenaline during workouts ensures that you have positive feelings throughout the workout.

Complete Focus

The strong smell of smelling salt makes you breathe more intensively. More intense breathing activates your sympathetic nervous system. Your body is then in a state of complete concentration. This is because the smelling salt increases the flow of air through the nasal passages and the level of adrenaline in the body increases. The increased adrenaline in the body causes the heart to pump blood faster through the body to supply more oxygen to the muscles.

Ultimate Dry Formula

Ascended Labs smelling salt is made with an absolutely high-quality formula! The dry formula ensures that the smelling salt lasts longer. It also ensures that you do not have to activate the smelling salt with separate ingredients like other types on the market. In addition, the unique dry formula ensures that the smelling salts last longer than comparable products.

Recommended Use:

Unscrew the lid of the vessel.

Poke holes in the gasket (you can also remove the gasket for a stronger kick)

Place the glass 30 cm in front of your nose and inhale the gases for a short adrenaline rush.

Screw the vessel shut immediately after use so that the gases do not escape and you can use the vessel longer.

Store between 8 and 20 degrees for best results.

Be careful if you're not used to smelling salts, it can be quite an experience when it hits you in the nose all at once.

We recommend using it with caution, as it can cause irritation if used excessively.

Ingredients According To Manufacturer:

Ammonium carbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, ammonia water, menthol

Item number: ALMR-001