Shipping policy

Payment and shipping

The following conditions apply:

The delivery of goods takes place worldwide.

Shipping costs (including statutory value added tax)

Domestic deliveries (Germany): 

We calculate shipping cost according to shipping weight:

0kg to 5kg 6,99 €
5kg to 10kg 9,49 €
10kg to 31.5kg 17,49 €
31.5kg to 40kg 19,90€

For the shipment of barbell bars, which must be declared as bulky goods solely due to their length and cylindrical shape, costs of 20.00€ will be charged in addition to the above standard shipping rates. This applies to all barbell, SZ-Curl, Shrug, as well as Hex bars with a minimum length of 120cm and a maximum length of less than 200cm. The same costs are incurred for shipping all other items that exceed 120cm and fall below 200cm.

For the shipment via carrier (freight forwarding shipment) we charge as follows:

40kg to 50kg 45,00€
50kg to 100kg 60,00€
100kg to 200kg 75,00€
200kg to 300kg 85,00€
300kg to 500kg 120,00€
500kg to 1000kg 250,00€

Barbell bars that have a total length of 200cm and more, as well as all orders whose total weight exceeds 40kg, qualify exclusively for shipping by freight forwarding with the freight forwarding prices shown here.

If the goods are not accepted by the recipient on the day of delivery and a second delivery attempt is therefore required, additional costs of €15.00 may be incurred by the forwarding agent, which will be charged to the buyer of the goods.

Bulky goods are marked as such in the item description.

Deliveries abroad:

We calculate shipping costs abroad according to shipping weight:

Zone 1: Within the EU

0kg to 5kg 16,99 €
5kg to 10kg 21,99 €
10kg to 20kg 32,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 45,99 €

Zone 2: Switzerland and United Kingdom

0kg to 5kg 27,90 €
5kg to 10kg 35,99 €
10kg to 20kg 49,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 56,99 €

Zone 3: Rest of Europe

0kg to 5kg 30,99 €
5kg to 10kg 38,99 €
10kg to 20kg 53,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 61,99 €

Zone 4: Russian Federation

0kg to 5kg 31,99 €
5kg to 10kg 38,99 €
10kg to 20kg 55,99 €

Zone 5: USA

0kg to 5kg 37,99 €
5kg to 10kg 54,99 €
10kg to 20kg 76,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 106,99 €

Zone 6: North African territories, Canada, Middle East, parts of Asia

0kg to 5kg 38,99 €
5kg to 10kg 52,99 €
10kg to 20kg 72,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 99,99 €

Zone 7: China

0kg to 5kg 43,99 €
5kg to 10kg 59,99 €
10kg to 20kg 95,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 126,99 €

Zone 8: Rest of the world

0kg to 5kg 46,99 €
5kg to 10kg 62,99 €
10kg to 20kg 101,99 €
20kg to 31.5kg 132,99 €

Products that exceed a weight of 31.5kg or have a total length of 120cm or more can unfortunately not be shipped abroad for logistical reasons.

Delivery times

If no other period is specified in the respective offer, the goods will be delivered within 3 - 5 days in Germany, in case of deliveries abroad within 5 - 7 or more days after conclusion of the contract (in case of agreed advance payment after the date of your payment instruction).
Please note that there is no delivery on Sundays and holidays.
If you have ordered items with different delivery times, we will ship the goods in one shipment, unless we have made other arrangements with you. In this case, the delivery time is determined by the item with the longest delivery time that you have ordered.

In case of self-collection, we will inform you by e-mail about the provision of the goods and the collection options. In this case, no shipping costs will be charged.

Accepted payment methods

Cash payment upon pickup
Advance payment via bank transfer
Credit card payment
-  Payment via Sofort / Instant bank transfer
-  Payment via Google Pay
-  Payment via Apple Pay
Shop Pay

Through PayPal Checkout:
-  Payment via PayPal
-  Payment via PayPal Express

Through PayPal:
- Payment via PayPal
- Payment via PayPal Express

More details about payment

If you pay by credit card,  your credit card account will be charged upon conclusion of the contract.

If you have any questions, you can find our contact details in the imprint.