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Most people who train with grippers think they feel fine in both hands, but if you think your left hand is getting short shrift, a Left-Turn gripper might be for you: it's tailor-made for lefties.

Left-Turn grippers are the mirror image of Captains of Crush grippers, so if your trusty gripper doesn't feel quite the same in your left hand as in your right, grab an IronMind Left-Turn gripper and give it a squeeze.

What's special about Left-Turn Grippers?

  • IronMind's proprietary GR8-L springs: precise, durable, good-looking
  • black anodized aircraft-grade aluminum handles
  • precision manufacturing and peerless build quality for world-class performance
  • IronMind stamped in clear band mid-handle and model at end of handle

It's CoC2 - CoC compatible, too!, so it's 100% compatible with IronMind Captains of Crush, Zenith and IMTUG grippers.

Just as lefties have been using CoC grippers with both hands for decades and getting stronger for their efforts, you can put your right hand through the paces with a Left-Turn gripper, too!

Explanation of the spring strengths:

Trainer: Where serious grip training starts, this is harder to close than anything you'll find in a sporting goods store.

LT 1: If you've already been working out with grippers, start here; most people who lift weights can't close it at first.

LT 2: Master the No. 2 as if winning or losing - living or dying - might depend on your grip strength.

LT 3: It's the international benchmark of a world-class grip. Use it to train for certification on the CoC No. 3.