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IronMind's Expand-Your-Hand Bands™: maximum hand health for superior grip strength

Discover the ultimate solution for healthy hands and rapid training success with IronMind's Expand-Your-Hand Bands™. The innovative bands enable targeted training of the extensor muscles of your hand, which act as counterparts to the muscles used in traditional grip training.

Through a dynamic range of motion, Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ promote the development of impressive grip strength and excellent hand health.

What makes the Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ so special?

They are the simple and effective way to:

  • speed recovery and reinforce grip strength gains
  • develop muscle balance and full range of motion mobility
  • prevent, eliminate or reduce pain from tennis or golfer's elbow, tendinitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and related forms of overuse and abuse

Success proven over decades

Since 2004, customers worldwide have trusted Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ as a proven companion to promote muscular balance and relieve discomfort associated with arthritis and strain. Enjoy the comfort of pain-free elbows!

Flexibility that suits you

Versatile - any time, any place: carry your Expand-Your-Hand Bands™ in your pocket, keep a set in the car or office and keep another at home. Whether for warm-up, prevention or rehabilitation - they are also great for stress relief.

Available in 5 strengths, color coded for progressive resistance levels. Made from high quality, latex-free rubber for greater stretch and longer life. Comes with two sets of 5 bands each (10 bands in total).

Dive into the world of healthy hands and enjoy impressive grip strength with IronMind's Expand-Your-Hand Bands™. Experience comfort, performance and health at their best.