POWER-EXTREME Weight Plate, Cast Iron, 30mm

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For daily strength training at home, in the studio or in the rehab area
Suitable for all 30mm barbell bars
Extremely durable and scratch resistant
Made of solid cast iron with well recognizable weight indication
Available in 9 different sizes (0,5kg-25kg)

Color: black
Scope of delivery: piece

Disc specifications   Outer diameter (in cm)   Thickness (in cm)
GHSC30-015         0,5kg 9,6 1,3
GHSC30-016       1,25kg 13 1,7
GHSC30-017         2,5kg 16 2,1
GHSC30-018       3,75kg 18 2,5
GHSC30-019            5kg 21,5 2,6
GHSC30-020          10kg 28 3,5
GHSC30-021          15kg 30 3,7
GHSC30-022          20kg 36 3,9
GHSC30-023          25kg 38 5