POWER-XTREME Frictional Plates, Rubberized, 50mm

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Frictional Plates are used for a quick as well as very fine increase of the dumbbell weight.
The weight plates are made of a metal core covered with a high-quality rubber coating.
Thanks to the anti-slip inner ring, there is no need for additional fasteners to fix the discs on the holder.
The color coding enables quick weight classification.
Compatible with all 50mm barbell, SZ- and dumbbell bars.
Available in sizes of 0.5kg up to 2.0kg in an increase of 0.5 kg each.

Color: color coded
Scope of delivery: piece

Disc specifications  Outer diameter (in cm)   Thickness (in cm)
GHSC50-028         0,5kg 13,5 1,2
GHSC50-029            1kg 16 1,3
GHSC50-030         1,5kg 17,5 1,8
GHSC50-031            2kg 19 1,9