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PottPower socks for strength sports like deadlifting and weightlifting

They are mandatory for deadlift competitions, but optional for many strength athletes: deadlift socks. With them you protect your shins during the execution of various exercises. In addition, the special models have reinforcements on the ankles and toes.

With PottPower socks you benefit from the following advantages:

  • High wearing comfort
  • Achilles tendon protection
  • Reduced sweat secretion
  • Optimized traction due to special weave
  • Made in Germany

Features of the special deadlift socks

During various strength exercises such as deadlifts, the bar may come into contact with your legs. To avoid scrapes caused by the movement, it is beneficial to use appropriate socks. These are long enough to cover your shins and protect them from injury. In this way, you will not only prevent bloody spots, but also reduce the risk of inflammation.

But to be able to train really effectively, the socks must have other properties to show. After all, pressure points on the feet or scratchy fabric should not disturb your concentration.

In this regard, the PottPower socks combine all the important factors. They consist of cotton and are therefore very comfortable. The smooth seam and soft edge ensure optimal freedom of movement. Thanks to the anti-sweat foot sole you also benefit from reduced perspiration and pleasant ventilation. In addition, they fit perfectly and support you through reinforcements on the Achilles tendon, ankles and toes.

PottPower - Made in Germany

Pottpower is a quality brand of the company Hantel-Hartmann from Germany, whose development has always kept in mind the high demands of strength athletes. The corresponding features were also taken into account in their deadlift socks. Thus, you get a product that you can also use without hesitation in competitions.

Item number: PPDS-001