POWER-XTREME Weight Plate, Bumper Plate, Rubber Granules, 51mm

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Ideal for daily strength training at home or in the gym
Fields of application: Barbell training, powerlifting, weightlifting
Thanks to the slightly softer rubber granulate compound, these discs are particularly noise-reducing and also have excellent impact or absorption properties
In addition to the colored lettering and weight indication, the targets are speckled according to international color code
Made of approx. 92 % black and approx. 8 % colored granules of the corresponding color coding, vulcanized labeling
For all bars who are suitable for plates with a 50mm collar opening
Extremely insensitive and resistant to abrasion, scratches or chipping
Available in 5 different variations (5kg-25kg)

Color: international color code
Scope of delivery: piece

Disc specifications  Outer diameter (in cm)   Thickness (in cm)
GHSC50-043            5kg 45 5,5
GHSC50-044          10kg 45 6,5
GHSC50-045          15kg 45 7,5
GHSC50-046          20kg 45 8,5
GHSC50-047          25kg 45 9,5