POWER-EXTREME Weight Plate With 2 Grip-Holes, Cast Iron, 50mm

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Ideal for daily strength training at home, in the studio or in the rehab area
Thanks to the opposite grip-holes even easier and faster handling
For all bars who are suitable for plates with a 50mm collar opening
Extremely durable and scratch resistant
Made of solid cast iron with well recognizable weight indication
Available in 9 different variations (0,5kg-40kg)

Color: gray
Scope of delivery: piece

Disc specifications  Outer diameter (in cm)   Thickness (in cm)
GHSC50-010         0,5kg 11,5 1,3
GHSC50-011       1,25kg 16,0 1,8
GHSC50-012         2,5kg 19,5 2,3
GHSC50-013            5kg 21,5 3,3
GHSC50-014          10kg 26,5 4,5
GHSC50-015          15kg 32,0 4,5
GHSC50-016          20kg 43,5 4,0
GHSC50-017          25kg 44,0 4,5
GHSC50-018          40kg 49,5 5,4