New Age Performance - 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece

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The 6DS Heavy Lifting Mouthpiece from New Age Performance is specifically designed for maximum-strength sports

It meets the requirements of all weightlifting and powerlifting exercises and is ideal for strongmen and other heavyweight athletes

Is placed on the lower jaw and used by athletes who do not necessarily have to wear a mouthguard for the purpose of protection

Designed to instantly stabilize 6 dimensions of the jaw, including: Anterior Posterior, Protrusive, Pitch, Yaw, Roll, and Lateral

Improved air flow

Lateral stabilizing walls to ensure minimum movement in the jaw

Able to drink fluids while wearing the 6DS mouthpiece

Providing instant results and an overall increased level of performance

Not for use with braces, works with retainer

For ages 13+

One size fits all

Comes with a free mouthpiece carrying case

Please allow 5-7 days of continued use to fully adapt to your jaw

The average athlete requires 4 mouthpieces per year

Over time clenching wears down the mouthpiece and destabilizes the bite

It should therefore be replaced every 80 hours or after 3 months of use, otherwise it may lead to a reduction in performance

US PATENT 9022903 / US PATENT 743109
EURO PATENT 002691998-0001