IronMind - Short & Sweet Lifting Straps

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Lock, Load, Lift

IronMind’s competition-quality lifting straps are super-strong, super-dependable: they won’t let you down.

No wonder they are the top choice at the World’s Strongest Man contest, where the Strong-Enough Lifting Straps were named the official lifting strap in 2010.

If you’re not using IronMind Lifting Straps, you’re probably not lifting as much as you could be.

Chosen by the world's strongest athletes in 3 styles: the question is not whether you are using IronMind lifting straps . . . the question is, which IronMind lifting straps are you using?

Short & Sweet Lifting Straps: IronMind’s original lifting strap, classic style used by Olympic-style weightlifters. With no sewn loop and designed for quick bail-outs, this is the style preferred by top lifters like Mario Martinez, the last American to win an Olympic medal in men’s weightlifting. 18" long, no loop; 1-1/2" wide.