POWER-EXTREME Weight Plate, Filled, 30mm

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Ideal for daily training at home or in the rehab area
For all dumbbell and barbell bars with a 30mm disc holder
Thanks to the robust plastic coating, the weight plates are particularly gentle on the floor and quiet
Very low weight deviation due to sand / concrete filling
Available in 9 different variations (0,5kg-15kg)

Color: black
Scope of delivery: piece

Disc specifications   Outer diameter (in cm)    Thickness (in cm)
GHSC30-001         0,5kg 15,5 2,6
GHSC30-002            1kg 16,5 3
GHSC30-003       1,25kg 17,5 3,3
GHSC30-004            2kg 20,5 3,8
GHSC30-005         2,5kg 21,5 4,2
GHSC30-006            3kg 22 4,3
GHSC30-007            5kg 25 4,7
GHSC30-008          10kg 33 5,5
GHSC30-009          15kg 38 6,5