POWER-XTREME Barbell Bar, Pro-Bar, 50mm

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Perfectly suited for professional training in the studio
In addition to training with dumbbells, the barbell allows basic training exercises to effectively load all muscle groups of the body
The chest / shoulder and neck muscles can be trained with the barbell bar just as targeted as your biceps / triceps and your leg and back muscles
Extremely high grip due to precision knurling with 2-fold grip width marking
Ideal balance between tensile and compressive strength with simultaneous elasticity thanks to spring steel
6-fold bearing arrangement: In each holder there is a needle bearing on the inside and two industrial ball bearings on the front side

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Technical details GHST50-007 GHST50-007-1 GHST50-007-2 GHST50-008 GHST50-009 GHST50-010 GHST50-011
Total length (in cm) 150 180 200 220 220 220 220
Loadable sleeve length (in cm) 24 24 30 39 39 39 42
Inner dimension (in cm) 98 128 132 134 133 133 131
Handle diameter (in mm) 28 28 30 31 30 32 28
Weight  11kg 14kg 16kg 18kg 18kg 20kg 20kg
Max. Load capacity  300kg 300kg 300kg 300kg 450kg 700kg 700kg